Explore Kangra in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh where historical sites and natural wonders abound. With its Northern India location, Kangra offers comfortable temperatures along the hillsides and warmer temperatures within the valleys. For visitors, traveling to Kangra year-round is possible so that you can explore the landmarks at your leisure.

First, learn about the ancient temples in Kangra. Discover Masroor, Brijeshwari or Jawalaji temples, which reflect the distinct architecture, history and culture of the times. Many visitors pray or meditate at these temples as a form of pilgrimage, for example.

Walking around Kangra gives you a glimpse of the Himalayas and valleys surrounding this city and district. Also, dense forests dot the landscape as the elevation rises and falls along the various hills. Another highlight is the Kangra Valley Railway. As it meanders through the Kangra district, hop aboard at various stops to see views from unique angles. Truthfully, some views of the nearby mountains aren't possible without the railway's elevation across the valley's terrain.

For history fans, visiting Kangra Fort is a priority. Because it's the oldest Indian Himalayan fort still standing, it's a popular site for locals and travelers. From its architecture to its storied past, Kangra Fort is perfect for a day trip.

As you plan a trip to Kangra, wear layered clothing to stay comfortable throughout the day. Because of the rough terrain, comfortable shoes are also recommended. Certainly, the weather can often change at Kangra's high elevation of more than 2,400 feet.

With many local vendors selling food and drinks, strolling through Kangra is the best way to immerse yourself. Typically, the locals speak Hindi, Punjabi and English. Indeed, you might hear Kangri spoken here, too. As a local dialect, Kangri's distinct language adds to this city's allure. As a humble destination just south of the Dalai Lama's Temple, Kangra offers its own reflection of Indian culture and pride.

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