With a thick forest surrounding and penetrating the town, Kullu is a nature lover's destination in Himachal Pradesh. With the Beas River meandering through Kullu, visitors have access to water activities and trekking opportunities. From paragliding to river rafting, seasonal activities are popular and can be booked up fast. Ideally, plan your trip ahead of time for the best reservations.

Because the Himalayas influence the shape of Kullu's valley, access to the town is via a single roadway stretching from north to south. Indeed, buses are the best transport options in and out of Kullu. For international guests, the Bhuntar Airport resides south of the valley. From here, taxis and buses can take you to nearby hotels, eateries and sightseeing highlights.

As you plan your trip, consider spring and autumn visits. Certainly, the weather can be extremely hot in the summer even in the mountainous regions. Also, the winter brings snowfall, which can close down certain areas around Kullu. Luckily, spring and autumn are typical times for cultural celebrations and open reservations for activities and landmark tours.

Furthermore, Kullu is rich in cultural history, such as the plentiful temples dotting the landscape. Depending on the temple, you can walk the grounds, marvel at the ancient architecture and possibly walk inside. Some of the temples at Kullu include Hanogi Mata, Bijli Mahadev and Jagannath Devi. For an experience unlike any other, visit Kullu in October when Kullu Dussehra is celebrated. This week-long festival celebrates gods and deities with processions, sacrifices and other rituals. Ultimately, this festival is a busy yet fascinating time to see Kullu and its culture in action.

Research your Kullu itinerary before traveling to Northern India. Any preparation makes your experience streamlined with solid reservations and available activities each day. Overall, Kullu is a valley treasure with a mixture of adventure and meditation for all visitors.

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