With the Parvati River running through it, Manikaran is a sacred region full of temples, natural wonders and even hot springs. Located in Himachal Pradesh, India, this community offers adventure, spirituality and serenity to all visitors. Explore the best qualities of Manikaran right now.

Walking With Nature

With the Harinder Mountains as a backdrop, hiking around Manikaran is a visitor attraction. Look for marked hiking trails within the town and on the outskirts. Many trails start at the main road and meander into the foothills. Because Manikaran resides near the Himalayas, the view is spectacular from nearly any vantage point. Bring comfortable shoes, and follow the trail. Dense forests and local wildlife are abundant in this region.

Discovering the Hot Springs

One of the most famous attractions in Manikaran is the natural hot springs. In fact, it's so hot that it's possible to cook rice in a bag placed in the water. Alternatively, people bathe in the hot springs for its beneficial health effects. However, visitors should know the water may have radioactive properties. If you don't want to bathe in the springs, watching the locals cook their food in the water is a fascinating sight.

Exploring the Religious Temples

Manikaran is a special place for religious followers because it has temples for both Hindu and Sikh believers. For example, Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is a sacred place for Sikhs. In contrast, the Shiv Temple Manikaran is popular with Hindu pilgrims.

Regardless of your religious background, these landmarks are highlights on any itinerary. Indeed, you might add other sites to your vacation plans, such as visiting the Lord Ramachandra Temple or the Kulant Pith. Each site has its own visiting hours and guidelines, so follow those details as you learn about and respect the culture.

Strolling Through the Marketplace

Along the main road, discover countless numbers of handicrafts, trinkets and other souvenirs at the Tibetan or Manikaran Markets. Ideally, walk the length of these markets because the items are laid out for all to see. Because many items are unique to this region, they're perfect keepsakes for travelers. Near the temples, discover religious items for sale, too. Because these sales often benefit the organization and locals, any purchase is helpful for the community.

Planning Your Visit

To avoid frigid temperatures, visit Manikaran during the spring, summer or autumn months. Truthfully, the summer is a popular time for visitors because it's the warmest season in the valley. To reach Manikaran, taking a bus or taxi into the town is ideal. The main road leading into town is well-maintained and busy with both locals and visitors. Also, along this road are many hotels for your convenience. Alternatively, stay in Manikaran to be close to all the landmarks.

With an elevation of more than 5,500 feet, Manikaran's thin air requires some adjustments for visitors. Take your time, rest during hikes and enjoy your surroundings. As your body gets accustomed to the altitude, you can do more activities. In the end, this sacred region encourages you to relax and reflect on life and yourself.

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